To all the Finance Enthusiast out there, we are here to make you an offer that you can’t refuse. SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT, NITK SURATHKAL in association with ENGINEER 2018, presents to you the latest edition of “Game of Finance”, an event that’ll make you stretch your mind to come up with ever-improving solutions. A team-based simulation games where you fight it out for the championship.
Enthral is the HR event of Bizwaves, organized to challenge the dynamic HR professionals of today. From a brand new extempore round like Shipwreck to the final case study round - Innovation Skyline, the participants have to go through challenges like Mock Press (stress interview) and Ingenuity (a team challenge) to come out on top. This year, the participant’s creativity and skills are put to the test as they face challenges never seen before.
Vipanan is the Marketing event going to be organized in Bizwaves'18 and Engineer 2018. There will be an array of events, from in house quiz to real time consumer interaction and from mind boggling case study to the development of full-fledged marketing plan. Vipanan will be a test of the Marketing and Managerial acumen as the different aspects of these domains are amalgamated to put up challenging tasks.
While the world gets ready to move from Zettabytes to yottabytes, it’s time to summon the data crunching Analytical Guru within you. Contestants have to clear four rounds to emerge as victors.
Sigma is blending the organizational capacity with operational excellence through leadership. First day begins with “intrebare” a quiz containing 50 MCQ questions of basic operations management without negative marking. Participants after elimination will move to the next round “ascendit”. In this round, the teams are given a simple case study to present key issues with proper justification for 10 minutes only.