About Technites
Technites is a committee that hosts events and displays projects spanning different domains of engineering with just one motive which is to provide a place for visitors to hang around and have loads of fun Prepare yourselves for a shimmering display of technological treat 6 which will include
October 11-October 15
Bot football is a multiplayer game where two players use their wire. less bots to defeat their opponent in a limited time football match.
Star Wars
Laser Projects
October 13
Laser Harp. This eye-catching project is a harp-like laser device which mainly focuses on playing a harp with laser, as a true MIDI controller. Laser Limbo. Laser limbo in Technites provides just the opportunity to have a fair-flexible game of limbo against your friend and find who is the most flexible.

Laser Turret. There is a big display screen in front of two players with RED and BLUE LEDs blinking at random. Every player has a gun with laser attached to it. Each person will try to aim the laser on either BLUE or RED blinking LED.
October 15
A great implementation of classic Rube Goldberg machine.
Virtual sandbox
October 14
This was most highly anticipated exhibition made by using Augmented Reality and used projector to implement it.