Antariksh Attractions

Infinity 3.0
The project was based on the Martian rover curiosity. Its takes the help of the rocker-bogie mechanism to go over large obstacles with stability. The main body was a wire-frame model made of aluminium U-frames. It had 6 wheels attached to the ‘legs ’. A simple circuit controlled by an Arduino was used to steer and control the rover. A mobile app was used to remotely control it.
Space Object tracker
The objective was to track any satellite or celestial body. A pointer with 2 degree of freedom (which will be able to point to anywhere in space) was designed for tracking. The basis for operation was fairly straightforward. A tracking script in python running on a laptop calculated the position of an object in orbit and controlled the motors accordingly. Provided with a valid Satellite Catalogue Number or name, the script obtained the necessary information about the object, computed its azimuth and elevation with respect to the given location. The azimuth and elevation information sent by the tracking program was processed and the pointer was adjusted accordingly. The hardware setup involved a servo motor, a Bluetooth module, a magnetometer, a DC power supply and a pointer. A front-end was developed using HTML and CSS. This was integrated with the application using Flask (python library). Any of the listed bodies could be selected and the tracker would start tracking that body.
Robotic Arm
Servo-Actuated Robotic Arm with 2 degrees of freedom: As a proposed upgrade to the Infinity rover, a robotic arm was built, using lightweight acrylic as a construction material. The arm was interfaced with a computer using an Arduino Uno, and could perform motion in a plane when given commands by the user.
Cassini – Huygens Probe Model
A scaled model of the Cassini spacecraft was constructed. Important instruments of the spacecraft such as Huygens Titan Probe shield, Magnetometer, high-gain and low-gain antenna, RTG, remote sensing pallet, fields and particles pallet and reaction wheel were labelled and explained.