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Back in 2005, the marvels of NITK created a unique platform for the innovative minds to get acquainted to the aces of engineering industry. Multitude of students came together to organize the technical events and clubbed it into one grand glomeration and fondly christened it- ENGINEER, the annual technical symposium of NITK. Challenging the impossibility in the purest form, the Penrose triangle stands as the icon for the fest and so the maxim goes” THINK, CREATE, ENGINEER”.

The 14 th edition of Engineer far exceeds its ancestors, the fest emerges to be nationwide celebration, ranking second among India's technical fests. Racing its way to zenith, Engineer has become kaleidoscope of exhilaration of various flagship events such as Velocity, Robowar, Tronix Events, Workshops,flasmobs,online coding events with participation from various teams, among many such mind racking challenges. The stage has been enriched with the presence of distinguished speakers like Richard Stallman, Sam Pitrda, Dr Devi Sheet, Sir Anthony James Legett and many more. It has also played host to global organizations such as CERN, MIT Media and Ball Labs. To boost the effective innovation for the society, we also emphasise on Socially conscious Engineering. We also incorporate fun filled events like freefall which serve as pinnacle of attraction. NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KARNATAKA This wonderful fusion of technical skills with boisterous events will definitely dilate the reasoning of innovative minds and helping them to showcase their talents on a higher platform.


Our Events

Engi 2018 calendar
event 10 October
5 PM - 9 PM
Coming Soon
event 11 October
Day 1
9 AM - 11 PM
Coming Soon
event 12 October
Day 2
09 AM - 09 PM
Coming Soon
event 13 October
Day 3
09 AM - 09:30 PM
Coming Soon
event 14 October
Day 4
09 AM - 11 PM
Coming Soon

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